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  • Massage Therapy:

    Our Massage Therapy services and treatments are the perfect blend of therapeutic and relaxation techniques. Each therapist combines multiple modalities to achieve your goals for the session.

    • 30 minute Massage Therapy Session $45
      A great amount of time to focus on one or two areas in particular.

    • 60 minute Massage Therapy Session $75
      The right amount of time for a full-body session with slightly more focused work on one or two areas.

    • 90 minute Massage Therapy Session $105
      A perfect amount of time for a full-body session with focused work on multiple areas.

    • 45 minute Grateful Back $60
      Deep tissue techniques combined with soothing strokes for back, shoulders, and neck.

    • 75 minute Grateful Back $90
      Still enjoy the focused work and release from the 45-minute Grateful Back with enough time to make the session a full-body.

    • 60 minute Hot Stone Massage Therapy Session $85
      An ancient treatment using hot stones made smooth by the waves of Lake Superior. Long, slow strokes promote a sense of grounding while the heat softens and relieves tense, tired muscles.  

    • 90 minute Hot Stone Massage Therapy Session $115
      Even more time to relax and rejuvenate.  A hot stone session requires more time than a traditional massage, so we recommend a 90 minute session for a full-body service.

    • Peppermint Pedissage $45
      Using steaming towels and our house-made Peppermint Foot Cream to massage the feet and calves, this treatment truly has a "sole" focus.  A wonderful treat on its own or the perfect ending to a full-body session (save $10 as an add-on).

    • Spa Treatments:

      Experience one of our unique Spa Treatments, all created here and customized for each particular client.

      • Crown Treatment $45
        This treatment begins with neck and shoulder massage to help you relax, a warmed oil blend with scalp reviving properties is applied and a luxurious head massage follows.  An argan oil facial massage and steamed towel removal finish the service. (save $10 when this service is added-on to another massage or spa treatment)

      • 45 minute Ultimate Relaxer $60
        Focusing on head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet with an aromatherapy facial steam and steaming towels for the feet.  You'll see why we call it the Ultimate Relaxer!

      • 75 minute Ultimate Relaxer $90
        Incorporating all the elements of the 45-min service and the extra time allows it to be a full-body session.

      • Steam Canopy $45
        The steam canopy is a truly unique experience. Your body is enveloped in a private aromatherapy steam while your head and face are kept cool and comfortable and you enjoy a scalp and facial massage. You are kept modestly draped during the entire 30-minute service.

Staff: Jen Banowetz - Massage Therapist change